Email dari teman, about Mom

Barusan saya dapet email dari seorang teman,, begini ceritanya:

 A young man was applying for a job in a big company. He had passed the first few tests, and now he was sitting in front of the general manager to have the final interview. After looking at the result of the test and his appearance, the general manager asked him, “What’s your ambition?”

 “My ambition is to sit on your chair someday,” he answered.

 “You know, it is not easy. You must work very hard for a long time. Do you understand this?”

 The young man nodded

 “What do your parents do?” the general manager continued.

 “My father passed away when I was young, sir. My mother is the bread earner. She sends us to school.”

 “Do you know your mother’s birthday?” again the manager asked.

 “There is no tradition of celebrating birthdays in our family sir. I don’t know her birthday.”

 “Well, young man. I have not made any decision whether to accept you or not, but I have one task for you. When you are home, do this small thing: wash your mother’s feet. Come back here tomorrow.”

 He did not understand why the manager asked him to do this. It was certainly an extraordinary request. However, he was willing to do it since he wanted the job badly. In the evening, he led his mother to a chair. “Mom, you look so tired. Let me wash your feet.”

 Surprised, the mother looked at her son and nodded. “My son, you’ve grown up now. You seem to start understanding life.”

 e took a pail of warm water, and soaked his mother’s feet in it. He rubbed and massaged the fragile, wrinkled, and withered feet gently. Feeling the rough and flaky feet in his hands, he shed tears down his cheeks. “Thank you very much, Mom. So far you have been working very hard for me. Because of these feet I can be what I am today, “ he mumbled, trying hard to control his sobs. Then they hugged each other with a feeling of gratitude and relief.

 The next day, the manager asked him, “Now tell me what you felt when you washed your mother’s feet.”

 “When I washed them, I realized how much she loved me. She sacrificed everything, even herself, for her children. Seeing my mother’s wrinkled and fragile feet, I know that I have to work very well as a way to pay respect to her,” He said wholeheartedly.

Hearing this, the manager decided to accept him. He believed that a young man who knew how to be grateful and to repay the kindness of his parents was a human being with big compassion. And a man with compassion would work seriously, wit all his heart and responsibility.

 Lalu temanku ini berkata dalam emailnya :

Bagiku, cerita tadi menyentuh banget..Ibu adalah sosok yang sangat penting bagi kesuksesan seseorang, begitu halnya ibuku, yang telah mencurahkan segenap kasih sayangnya kepadaku. Di saat aku sedang down banget, aku masih bersyukur karena masih punya keluarga bahagia, terutama Ibu yang selalu mendukung aku dan mengingatkanku untuk senantiasa ada dalam jalan kebaikan. 

 Dalam kehidupan, seharusnya kita menebar kasih kepada sesama layaknya ibu yang menebar kasih kepada anaknya. Kasih ibu itu tak berbalas. Beliau menerima kondisi anaknya sedemikian rupa sehingga meskipun anaknya cacat, beliau tetap merawatnya dengan sepenuh kasih. Beliau merawat anaknya tanpa berharap balasan apa-apa dari anaknya. Tujuan beliau Cuma satu: Agar anaknya dapat menjadi orang baik-baik. Sudah sepantasnyalah bagi kita sebagai anak untuk setidaknya mendoakannya di setiap doa kita…Jangan sampai kita jadi sosok yang sukses, tapi lupa akan sosok fundamental yang berada di balik kesuksesan kita

 Semangatlah dalam mengarungi kehidupan ini


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