Spelling F-A-K-H-R-I-A Molecularly

This is about my pretty cool experience that I’ve defined my name in molecular way. Amazingly, in fact there is truly F-A-K-H-R-I-A polypeptide does exist in one part of protein in certain organism.What the lucky organism that bring my name in his life? How could it work? And what the function of a protein contain my name? is it poisonous? is it usefull for pharmaceuticals? Can it save the world?, hehe, just check it out.

If you’ve read a biochemistry or biotechnology textbook or anything stuff about protein and it’s component, definitely you’ll find an amino acid symbolled by alphabet. So let me explain about a mean of my name by them.

Universal Symbol

Amino Acid


mRNA codon





























The next question is: where are the amino acids come from? They synthesized by a common mechanism and popular being a part of central dogma of molecular biology as we can see below. It is just an information flow from DNA to protein that create so many stuff of gene expression.


What the picture trying to illustrate is:

  1. First of all we have the double strand DNA (Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid) as the provider gene for all of gene expression in our body like a enzyme synthesis, a curly hair, brown eyes, etc. The first step to express that stuff is to produce a mRNA (a transcription). A pair of nucleotide is always A-T (Adenine and Thymine) and G-C (Guanine and Cytosine)
  2. A transcription result is mRNA (messenger Ribonucleic Acid) a molecule which is complement of one strand DNA but substitute Thymine nucleotide by Uracil. As it named messenger, mRNA bring a complement code (called codon) to a ribosome for the next step.
  3. A triplet of codon will be ‘read’ by tRNA (transfer Ribonucleic Acid) and matching with a proper amino acid expected, this process held in ribosome, ribosome is an organell in cell specialized in protein synthesis. The product is polypeptide chain appropriate with a specific code in DNA. The polypeptide chain will undergo another process to be a protein that have a specific function. The protein use by organism to undergo many metabolisms for surviving in life.

So we can conclude that there is some organism produce a F-A-K-H-R-I-A polypeptide (a chain of amino acids contain Phenylalanine-Alanine-Lysin-Histidin-Arginine-Isoleucine-Alanine) by those mechanism.

But the next fact is the distressing one for me, it’s shocked me so much! I guess I’ll find much useful protein that contain my name, but when I search it in a NCBI.com (National Centre Biotechnology Information-USA ) a web that very helpful contain a genebank, -this is a whole gene that have discovered in the world-, and then I got that the F-A-K-H-R-I-A polypeptide was synthesized by Bacillus cereus NVH0597-99 and it is a ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase, RluA family,

This is the exact chain of whole protein :

1 metkkkgewc emtvpakwng isiesllkie weipkkllhq lrmekgvtvn geqrrwnell

61 kegdklqvhm fmeeeydvep eygeldvvye ddhvlivnkp ekmdthpaek ggmgtlanlv

121 afhyqmkgle tkvrhihrld kdttggvvfakhriagaimd rllmerkikr tyaalvegkv

181 kkkqgtidaa igrdrhhatr rrvspkgdqa ityykveeyf kkqnvtlvtl qletgrthqi

241 rvhmsyngnp lvgdvlyggq tkymsrqalh amkinflhpi tkeeievdip fptklndtmk

301 efqrvna

Could you find my name there?

I’m not really understand what the protein work for exact, I think it is such an enzyme for ribosome synthesis especially for large subunit of ribosome (ribosome is a organel consist of large and small subunit). But the important and disturbing fact here is the Bacillus cereus NVH0597-99 is believed to be the cause of a food-borne outbreak of Bacillus cereus diarrheal syndrome in Norway . Oh my God! Could you imagine what I’m suppose about this?!! Immediately I feel so much guilty for all of diarrhea case in this world! The bacteria ‘using my name’ to produce poison and make people sick! Hiks.. I just extremely angry to the bacteria; How could you do this to me!!! Do you try to break out the future of a nice-sweet girl? Huhff…

But a several second next, I’ll keep positive thinking that I’ll find some advantages from that.. and then I search in google abaout the profil of Bacillus cereus, here they are..

# Bacillus cereus is a Gram-positive bacteria produce toxin that are responsible of food poisoning.

O ow… the same worse fact anymore

# It is normally Common source of infection are: rice, cereals, beef, seafood, salad, potatoes, sauces, soups, milk and various bakery products and desserts.

Hhmm… it infect almost delicious food and make it poison! Huh!
# Bacillus cereus can be found in soil, air, dust, water, animals and decaying matter.
It can cause
nausea, cramp like abdominal pains and watery diarrhea, and vomiting.

Hhfff…. it’s so disappointing and.. what a poison maker you are!!

# Bacillus cereus and its food poisoning toxins

# Bacillus cereus is becoming one of the more important causes of food poisoning in the industrialised world. It produces one emetic toxin and three different enterotoxins.

Yeah.. toxin again and again.. I just so much fed up for this!!

Almost of these main point from my search is just about poison, poison, and poison. Every-click of Bacillus cereus I find a poison. And it make me feel so much sad, guilty, disappoint, almost desperate.. and I wish if I could ask the bacteria to eliminate my name from it’s polypeptide chain! Because what I suppose next is just: F-A-K-H-R-I-A? what a disturbing name! hiks.. I remembered my father who gave this name from Arabic Language mean a greatness, but the fact that I find just now is not quiet great except really great to make disaster ! Hff.. FAKHRIA.. What a disastrous name!! it’s just make me more upset..

I ‘m almost surrender to care for my nice name, but then I try to search anymore, with a desperate feel, there is nothing hope anymore.. this time I search in “A Google Scholar”, (a Google tool for scientific and academic stuff), and guess what I found?!!


Biological activities of two fungistatic antibiotics produced by Bacillus cereus UW85.


L A Silo-Suh, B J Lethbridge, S J Raffel, H He, J Clardy and J Handelsman .Department of Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin, Madison 53706.

Abstract : Cultures and culture filtrates of Bacillus cereus UW85 suppress damping-off of alfalfa caused by Phytophthora medicaginis. We studied the role in disease suppression of two antibiotics from culture filtrates of Bacillus cereus UW85 that reversibly inhibited growth of P. medicaginis……bla bla bla… antibiotic accumulation in an agar plate diffusion assay ..…blablabla….These results demonstrate that Bacillus cereus UW85 produces two fungistatic antibiotics that contribute to suppression of damping-off disease of alfalfa.

Hff.. Alhamdulillah….Finally!!! I can breathe now..!

I’ve got a amazing advantage of my name.

Just because..

“Actually in HIS matter, if HE want something, HE just said ‘Becoming something!’ so it could be. Great Holy of My God, in HIS hand a Mighty of all the things, and only to HIM you will back ” (The Holy Quran: Yasin 82-83)

Thanks God.. has giving me surprised with all of these, I think I couldn’t say how much I should thanks for these. At least, related with my name, I know that: Here I am, FAKHRIA, was really create for the Great Vision and Great Dreams.. (even the protein contain my name someday will contribute for the next spectacular drugs world needed, maybe) and what I believe now is just there is no negative side except within a positive side there. And there is no chain of fail except someday the success day will come.


9 responses to “Spelling F-A-K-H-R-I-A Molecularly

  1. wuiiih…
    narsis kali pun…!!!

    jangan-jangan itu bagian dari rangkaian asam amino hasil translasi dari mRNA virus dengue lagi… yang bikin Hegar masuk Borromeus kemaren…
    (hehe…Peace!!! “,)

  2. ups…
    baru baca lengkap…’
    tadi cuma baca separo….

    jadi gitu toh?


    kita memang diajarkan untuk selalu optimis memandang sebuah nama…
    (kendati sudah jelas menghasilkan racun…tetap saja ada alasan untuk berbangga… hihihi…)

  3. # taufiq
    iya deh, suatu saat nanti aku carikan di database protein, kalo sempet, hehe. tapi kayanya poisonous juga deh, haha
    # kak Irfan
    yeah… anyway, biarin lah pokoknya yang penting namaku keren, hehe

  4. Aslm.
    Baca paragraf pertama, kesannya dikit narsis mbak, he.ee!
    But, It’s great…!
    an unique name…! makasih sono sama bapak-ibu, :-).
    Hm…, jadi rindu Biologi nih…!

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