The Nice Japanese Habits

Yeah..!! it is very great that I’m in Japan now. This is auntum.
Tokyo is very coooooooold (colder than Bandung), even when I’m say it people will answer “the winter will be the coldest!!”. Oh my God.. I just can’t imagine how cold there will be. I think I will eat a lot here to warm my body. Haha.
Anyway, as I’m 2 weeks lived here, I have seen there are some habits of the Japanese that I think everyone should do these. Here they are :
1. They didn’t eat on the road
It is so impolite if they eat on the train or subway. Japanese people eat only in the right place : home, restaurant, garden, etc. No eating on the road, even by walking. If you get on the train, you will see that there is no one eat there, so all around is very clean, quiet, and neat.
2. If they cross the road they will obey the traffic light very well.
nyebrang jalanEven when there is no car pass the road! (as you know, the main transportation in Japan is train and subway, there is no crowded road by car) Even when they just alone, they will across only when the green light is on. And day after day, I usually follow them to run across caught the green light. Trying to go across as the green light on.
3. They read, read, and read wherever they are.
readingTokyoSubwayYou will see inside the train is like a library! Very quiet even there are so many people. They just enjoy with their book so much! It doesn’t matter young or old, they just enjoy the books, magazine, newspaper, textbook, comics. But sometimes they are busy by the cell phone or iPhone with the game in them. It doesn’t polite to make a call loudly on the train. No problem they sit or stand up in the train, one of their hand always hold a book.
4. They do very respect to everyone
They very polite to everyone, it doesn’t matter you know him/her or not, it doesn’t matter what are you wear. It is happens in several times in station and on the train, a women wondering my veil, my hijab clothes, and they just say that is so elegant and look nice. She is very kind, she try to ask me and talk a lot as she wonder my veil motif and the batik bag that I hold, but all the Japanese word that can I hear is just “nihongo…blablabla…muzukashi… ne?” and then I just say “haik..” and smile as warm as possible. They choose to silent and just smile if they can’t speak in English well. Or if they so nervous, they will just across their hand and say “sumimasen..sumimasen..” they so sorry that they don’t understand what do you mean.
5. They very care to the babies and old people so much
Even inside the train, there is a special space for mom and her baby and also for old people. So the mom with her babies and old people can go everywhere conveniently.
6. And They work very hard!
Obviously! They do as perfect as possible.

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4 responses to “The Nice Japanese Habits

  1. yoo, biasa terlihat di dorama2 yang sering kutonton juga,,
    ketemu artis jepang neng kono g? ishihara satomi? kanjiya shihori? aragaki yui? yui sing penyanyi kae? toda erika? sawajiri erika?
    heheu,, sampe apal jenenge artis kono,,

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