Homestay Program : My day with Kiky’s family

Homestay Program is one of activity for International Student of Tokyo Tech that want to know more about Japan by living in Japanese family’s house. Lucky me that I’m in Japan now, of course I didn’t missed it!!

After finishing the registration process, finally I meet my Host Family at the gathering in campus. It is very surprissed!! They give me a purezento covered beautifully and a postcard that contain her hope for this program, she and her family are very happy to make a friend with me.

And then we go to their home. She said to me “Ayo kita pergi ke rumah saya..” hehehe very nice. Evidently, She lived with the other friend that be the host family of my friends. So we get the wellcoming party together with the other friends that lived in the same area, in Tokyo. Before it does, we should make some meal to share in the party, so we cook together in the top of the mansion where the host family of Risvan lived. So I, laras, and Risvan make a onigiri, tuna karoke, and the other Japanese delicious food. Yummy..yummmy.. but we are not allowed to eat much after cook, because we will don’t have any appetite at the party then. So we eat as much as possible at the party!!! Hahaha.

My host fam house is in the first floor, so we should get the stair until fift floor where we cook. Kiky’s son named Dang Go Ri, 6 years old, lead me to the stair and when we arrive at the fift stair, he showing something outside! TOKYO TOWER!!!! Whooaaa… very glorious..

masak bersama host family

And then we get the party, and meet my Indonesian friends that have a host fam in Tokyo too. They are Risi and Awan. So we are 5 Indonesian now. We want to surprise the Japanese people there, by singing doraemon song together in Indonesian Language! Haha.. Succesfully, they know it and they just follow us singging a doraemon song but in Japanese language. What a nice party.. and I found my favorite food here: Takoyaki!!! Hwaa.. delicious.. .And then as the Japanese party, they never let the room dirty and messy after party. Yeah, we cook our meal by our self, arrange the party room by our self, and clean the room (and bring the garbage go home) by our self.

mino tidur difoto.. heheAnd then I stay at Kiky’s house. She lived very happy with two son : Dang Go Ri and Kurori, but they have a korean name Kyu and Mino. And Mino is very very very cuuutee… he is just 3 years old. Cute so much, he talk and ask—just like a baby that start to talk so much (in Japanese), and of course I don’t know what is that mean.. but they just laugh and laugh.. very funny kids! And Kiky’s husband can speak english well, Kiky an her husband are quite well in English. We talk so much, I share about tari Indang, and we search on youtube, and they very impressed! They like it so much and they said that they will come to our performance in tke Koudaisai Festival, one of annual culture festival in Tokyo Tech. Anyway, it is very impressive to get homestay program with them.


5 responses to “Homestay Program : My day with Kiky’s family

  1. fafa,,,, ou look so happy with them,,,
    selamet ya,,, dah beli laptop baru,,,
    cie cie,,,

    dapetnya berapa tuh fah..?
    katanya lebih murah ya di sana?
    mau dooong…. nitip.

    di sini kita2 lagi pada stress menghadapi UTS
    kebayang kan,,, tiap hari adaaaa aja UTS
    tp gpp lah ya
    namanya juga mahasiswa

    terus bagi2 ceritanya fah,,,
    gambatte di negeri orang
    miss u pisan lah,,,,

    • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh… semangat ya UTS nyaa!!!!
      iya ni aku masi jalan2 terus kerjaannya,, baru mulai nge-lab besok senin.

      hoho.. laptop mah sama aja harganya dengan di Indonesia, tapi dsini dapet softwarenya legal. hehe

  2. fafah….
    bak baik ya di negri orang….
    sayang keluarga,,sayang teman,,sayang tetangga,,sayang hewan,,sayang tanaman,,
    hehe..naon si uta teh…hehe

    senang berdoa,,senang ngelab,,senang ngeblog,,
    mau nitip souvenir…

    as always…leaves n stones dari jepang.. :)

    • Utaaa… hehehe, iya lho ta, dsini kan musim gugur gitu… daun2 mulai akan berubah warna,,
      orang jepang biasanya juga merayakan festival untuk melihat perubahan warna daun, hehe rada2 ga penting sih..

      ada daun mapel yang menguning gitu,,, kalo lagi liat di jalan aku selalu inget uta.. mau aku petik daunnya tinggi banget,, hehe
      ya suatu saat mudah2an aku bisa memetik daunnya

  3. fafa,,,, mau nitip foto2 pemandangan di sana dunk
    di sana tadi gempa ngga?
    tadi di tempatnya teh farah gempa, tapi orang2nya adem ayem aja

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