Honjo Safety Learning Center

This is the first YSEP Factory Study Tour. We went to Honjo Safety Learning Center. The aim of this tour is to let us know about how to safe our live if there is a disaster for example thypoon, earthquake, smoke in the building, and fire. This knowledge is very needed since we never know when and where the disaster will attack. So if we prepare it well, our life will be safe.

First of all, we wellcomed by the instructors and informed that we will have a simulations. They give us a translator earphone and 3D glass and then we watching the 3D move about strong earthquake in Tokyo.The movie tell us about how strong the earthquake so that just in a few minutes a big city like Tokyo become broken. There are so many victims and so many buildings ruined because of it. So many activities collapsed because of suddenly earthquake.

Then we go to the main activity of this training, that is : Disaster Simulation! This training is not only educating but also fun, so that this place being a nice place to visit. The children and students like this, and even the old people like this too.

We separate to four groups, each group contain 15 member. Then we go to the first simulation that is : Thypoon Simulation. This is the most attractive simulation after all. Because I have never been experiencing thypoon before. And several weeks ago, exactly at October 8th, there is strong thypoon struck Japan including Tokyo. My Proffesor said it was very dangerous to go outside and allow me not to go to laboratory that day. Then I watch the BBC News and found that because of the thypoon, there are two people died and more than 40 people injured,many by wind-blown debris or broken glass. The thypoon make a strong winds and heavy flooded roads, uprooted trees and tore roofs from house. From my dormitory I can hear the wind sound but thanks God that the Thypoon is not swipe my place. That’s why I choosed to stay at home that day. The winds moved accros densely populated central Japan, with winds gusting up to 198km/h, very strong so that more than 300 flights were cancelled because of the storm, as were bullet train services. On that strong winds and rain, it is impossible to use umbrella, fully caoted-raincoat is much better. We simulate using raincoat and then experience the thypoon that hit at one direction only, the instructor said that the real thypoon winds wouldn’t be blow at one direction but at every direction. So when the thypoon come and we are outside, just stay and hold tightly to the pillar then we safe.

The second simulation is : Escape from Smoke inside Building. Before doing this simulation, we watch the short video that explain about how dangerous the smoke if it inhaled to our body. It showed that the smoke contain the CO gases so that can disturb our respiratory metabolism in our body then can make us uncouncious even died. The charactheristic of smoke is always fly up, so it is safe to keep our body in down or squatting, then go escape outside the building, follow the exit sign as fast as possible. Also if we have a handkerchief, use it to cover our mouth and nose so that the smoke didn’t too much inhaled.

YSEP students at honjo safety learning center

Then we go to the next simulation: Extinguishing the Fire. This is about how to safe ourselves and the goods around us from fire. Just like before, we start this simulation by watching the video about how to use the fire extinguisher. The video explain how to choose which level of fire extinguisher should be used in several kind of fire. Then the instructor explain to us what should we do if there is a dangerous fire. Actually, she conducted the explanation in Japanese language so that I am and the other friends didn’t know what’s that mean, but Teo, our friend from Sweden help us so much, he translate all words that instructor said from Japanese to English. And the first action should be done is screaming “FIRE!!!” but in Japanese language (because we are live in Japan now) that is “KAJITAAAA!!!!!!. This is very awesome, we just scream as loud as possible like there is real fire there. The scream will attract more people and they will help you to extinguishing the fire. And then try to safe our self and other people, and extinguishe the fire as you can do it. Then call the 119 to get the fireman help.

The last simulation is about : Earthquake Simulation. As we know that Japan is very often shake by the earthquake, the weak and strong earthquake.. We do the simulation on the a half-like room that designed special to experiencing the earthquake. But this earthquake seems like enjoyable! Even it done the 7 richter scale. Then the instructor say that there is no enjoyable earthquake like this, the real one is more and more dangerous. And there are so many kind of earthquake that coused different impact. So we must keep watchful for the suddenly earthquake. The first thing to do is safe our body from the ruins by hide under the table, and then escape our selves to the spacious area.


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