Hanno Sinkoo.. Yoshh!!

image from wikipediaI love this word anyway, even I didn’t know what is it mean.. hehehe.. I just hear it in the train everyday when I go to the campus. Yeah, maybe this is the reason why we are stay in Umegaoka Dormitory which is 40 minutes (it takes 60 minutes include walking from home to station) far away from main campus in Ookayama, that long minutes just make me enjoy to be a train passenger. Hanno Sinko is that one.

Hanno Sinko is what the train driver say before he run the train. He say it after he does an elegant hand moving like pointing some stuff inside machinist board (it is looks like a pointing moving of Sailormoon before she agaist devil), then he says Yoshh!! I don’t know why I like that’s action anyway. So several days past I just spent my time in train to watch how he run the machine and how the train going on railway. Then, rather than just sit inside the car train, I prefer go to the first car train and watching the machinist and the railway. Hehe. That’s kind of unnecessary thing, but I enjoy it, I never see the elegant train employer like them.

Hanno Sinkoo.. Yoshh..!!!


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