My Sweet Flower (but it’s a Cabbage)

I love flowers.. everywhere and every time Maybe it’s because my mom like it either. Actually in my childhood I didn’t like it, I always destroy my moms garden, cut down her flowers and make them become a salad-like stuff with my friends, because my mom’s flowers have so many different colors and these just make me interested to make a cooking playing with my friends. Then my mom just angry with me..But now, I love flowers anyway. And it is always remind me to my nice mom that is far away from me now. I have been staying in Japan since 2 month ago and we just separated about more than 6000 Km. I missing her so much.

The flowers remind me when I and my family go to spend holyday together, then my dad bought a flower for my mom. Arrived at home, we gardening together, my mother planting the flower and my dad keeping his fish in the pond. But I and my brother was just very lazy to shower garden everyday. However now, I love flowers anyway.. Maybe because I missing my mom, dad, and my naughty little brother. Missing the moment when we keeping our small and simple garden.

In Indonesia we lived in a very small town, (sometimes I think maybe just a big village, not a town) Ngawi, even there is no much information about it in google earth. My mom and dad are truly villager, there is wrong with them when they just didn’t know much about internet, so that they are very seldom to call me online. They didn’t know how t use it. So I am very very very glad when my mom and dad call me in the morning by phone, I know they are missing me too.

Near Ookayama Campus, I found this nice flower, but it is cabbage actually. Flower is what my mom love so much and cabbage is my dad’s favorites vegetables. So having this beautiful cabbage is seems like having my mom and my dad in my room now.

But this flower is unique actually,

See..? From these three different color cabbage in left image, they  can combined and grow together become a beautiful flower. Every time I look at it, this flower just make me relax every I tired doing my report.

Special for my mom and dad.. I promise I will study hard and do my best here..  And I will surely be your only one nice daughter.

And, thank you my nice cabbage.


9 responses to “My Sweet Flower (but it’s a Cabbage)

  1. Nice flower….
    Ntar kalo dah mulai layu bisa langsung diiris-iris, campur wortel, loncang, selederi sama daging ayam…..jadilah sop ayam ^_^)

    *sori dateng-dateng langsung ngerusak mood f(^_^)v

    • haha, dasar bahar.. kamu adalah lelaki kesekian yang sangat ingin memasak kubis cantik ituuuh!!!
      pas di Ookayama para lelaki juga berkomentar hal yang sama.

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