Oishii T’nT (Tuna ‘n Terong)

Yeahh! It’s Sunday! Time to cook!.. Taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

This is my cooking experiment today.. I don’t know what is it name,, actually I want to cook a balado-like cuisine for tuna and terong (eggplant) but the result is not spicy and totally different from balado! Haha, so.. I think I will named it TnT (Tuna ‘n Terong).

As you know, I am just ordinary undergraduate student who have a shared-little kitchen with a limited stuff inside refrigerator. I can only cook kinds of simple food. And I just cook what I anything inside my refrigerator! Since my mom always says that “Don’t think too much to start cooking, just open the refrigerator, and you will get a new recipe!”So lets start cooking, this recipe is very simple and easy..

The stuff that I need :


Eggplant (Terong)

Onion (Bawang bombai)

Garlic (bawang putih)

Tomato sauce (saus tomat)

Soybean sweet ketchup (kecap manis)

Chili (I just add a little since I and my roommate don’t really like too spicy )

Then follow this 3 simple steps :

  1. Slice the eggplant and tuna as you like, fry them.
  2. Slice the onion,garlic and chili, fry it with a little oil, then add tomato sauce and soybean ketchup.
  3. Add the fried tuna and eggplant, mix it, add the seasoning like salt, a little sugar, pepper. I add  Roy*o, Indonesian powder seasoning (thanks mom, it’s really help), so it must be delicious and very very Indonesia, haha!

Very delicious for lunch, with rice and salad if you want.


Enak banget..!

2 responses to “Oishii T’nT (Tuna ‘n Terong)

  1. assalamu’alaykum mba fakhria… (panggilannya siapa ya? ^^)
    aku nesya, istri dari mas hanum, temannya suami mba (yah begitulah kira2..)
    sebenarnya sudah dari lama bertandang ke blog ini cuma baru sempet ninggalin jejak sekarang (kucing mode:on =3)
    aku suka sekali sama blog mba, ceria n.. resep yg di atas ini pernah kucoba lho! lantaran suamiku nda suka terong tp krn pas gada ikan, kuganti ayam walhasil… terongnya tetap ga dimakan,, hehe…

    bertandang balik ke blogku dan sketsakita.wordpress.com ya mba, leave something there please ^___^

    arigatou nee… (aku juga suka jepang ^^)

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