Chisetsu Elementary School Visit

Yesterday, all YSEP students and others students of Topic on Japan class went to Chisetsu Elementary School. We walk to go there, map guide said that it takes only 20 minutes from Ookayama campus but actually it’s far enough to make your stomach hungry again after breakfast.

But the elementary school students are completely surprising!

You know, It feels like in Chibi Maruko Chan Movie where I can see so many children around and they just talking something that I didn’t know what is it mean. I got the first grade class, where the 7 years old kids with reddish cheek shouting, yelling, and laughing each other, until sensei tell them to be quiet. You can imagine that crowded class and sensei shouting like in Crayon Shin Chan Anime, but the students are not so naughty like Shin Chan.

Omoshirokatta ne..

They welcome me by “Apa kabaru itomainati faria-san, konichiwaa..” then, they ask me everything about Indonesia, is there apato in Indonesia?, is there a automobile in Indonesia? Is there any insect in Indonesia? hehe, gemesin bangeeett.. pengen nyubit pipinya satu-satu.. haha!


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