I was in campus and following Harry-san, my best tutor I ever had, walking from S2 building to B2 building brought a couple of tube containing RNA, he will teach me how to measure the concentration of RNA that has been isolated. One thing that I wonder is.. why he just brought the tube barely, without the ice box! Usually in Bandung students always bring the bio-stuff like protein or DNA or RNA inside the ice box, it is safe since that stuff may be degrade in room temperature for long time. But he just say, “No.. No problem, because the weather outside is cold”.

Then, exactly! It’s really cold outside!

Sakura in front of Tokyo Tech Main Building

When the Sakura leaves just completely fell done, the weather become cold day after day.. I click the online forecast and it said 2゚C here now. めちゃめちゃさむいです! Harry-san said that, mecha-mecha samui (not suami) means very-very cold. Even I’m shivering now!

I am very grateful with my mom somehow, just wonder how she could let me bring this “Ginger Tea Powder” to Japan, I just realize it when I opened all my luggage at my first day in Japan. I thought I never put this tea in my bag, but my mom did! I was very regret at first, why my mom put this unbelievable things in my bag??? Then today I found the answer. Although she never know how cold Japan now, but she just save me now. This ginger tea really make me warm.

Thanks mom..


3 responses to “Cold..

  1. It was 25 degrees here on Saturday…in Fahrenheit. We had snow storm for two days. The report said it set a new record of snowfall around the US capital since 1932.


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