One Year in My Life

Yup! Absolutely this is not one of Michael Jackson’s songs about One Day in Your Life, but this 2009 carved so many things in my puzzle of life.

January 2009. I spent my first new year day by cleaning and renovating my rent house in Tamansari Bandung. Experiencing so many weird, unique, and nice things with my rent-house-mates and schoolmates. Learning together in a whole night before exam, dinner together, curhat-ing, shopping, everything. I felt a warm friendship there.

February 2009. From the 8th, I was 20 years old! I start to fix my dreams, my goals, and my hope of this life. Promise to me the best daughter and sister. Promise to be better, stronger, wisely solve the problems, not childish anymore (But still it is hard!), good in religion, academic achievement, cooking (also) and human relation. I encourage my own mind to achieve all of my dreams, and I promise my self to be the best of Me.

March 2009. I was being crazy with a lot of exam, experiment, and assignment of my school. The school of Pharmacy, Bandung Institute of Technology. I want to go study in Germany! I put a German student guide map on my room wall. I was afraid of the most killer lecturer every Monday, I am very bad on that lecture. But still strongly I want to be the best biotech-pharmacy researcher ever. I started to busy with my organization as I am the head of Profession of Pharmacy Division. And I start to write and enjoying a research proposal with my research group.

April 2009. I was failed in my pharmacokinetic exam. I cry for several days later every time I remember that day. That is just the worst exam I ever made. I was so depressed then someone succeeded to encourage me then I can stand up again. Thanks.

May 2009. I was selected as a candidate of YSEP participant!! This is what I wait since the past December. I am very very thanks to God, Alhamdulillah banget..

June 2009. This month was my mom and my brother birthday. I was very grateful to be born in this family. My mom is my elementary school teacher, and my beloved everlasting teacher of my life. She is the one who always believe me that I can reach everything I want. I was in two kind of scientific competition this month. The first is a  national student research project, I was very busy conducting the research experiment in 3 laboratory with my group. Then the second is a scientific pharmacy students paper competition at Bandung region (and I win!).

July 2009. My research for National Scientific Research Students (Pekan Ilmiah Mahasiswa Nasional) winning the silver medal! I and my group research (Ka Hegar, Teh Nadia, Lala, Dewdew) was very very grateful for this, our hard and stressed work finally paid nicely. This months is the first time my name (and others) announced in a big poster in front of Ganesha gate in my university. Yeah! one silver medal for ITB!

August 2009. The nicest moment this month is when I celebrate a Independent Indonesia Day in a orphanage. I playing, kidding,and talking with them, the children that have no parents anymore. Then I realize, again and again, that I  am the very very lucky person.

September 2009. I was ********. Then I go take off to Japan.. I don’t know what should I feel actually, sad for leaving or happy for start a new amazing life.

October 2009. My early month life in Japan. Still wondering every train, every Japanese complicated-and-difficult words, every buildings, every flowers, every pamphlet in station, every Japanese People, hear the “mamonaku” in the train. Just wondering that I’m really in Japan now .This month is my first time write a story in Japanese, of course, badly, since I’ve almost never learn Japanese before come here.

November 2009. Get closer with friends from PPI Tokodai, being a Indang dancer for Padang Earthquake Charity. I didn’t forget to send a purezento for my Dad birthday in Indonesia. Having a nice host family here, learn Japanese, and feel more comfortable living here.

December 2009. This month is the first time I touch the snow! And playing ski bravely with my friends. Although I slipped everywhere hit the snow, but it was interesting anyway. I am very grateful.

And now, 1 january 2010. I start a new year.. I hope this year will be GREATer than last year..


9 responses to “One Year in My Life

  1. hooo….nge-like status semua orang tu biar pada mampir ke sini to…

    One Day in My Life??? “One day in your life” lagi!!! Lagian kenapa hrs ilfil bgt sama Michael Jackson…?

    >September 2009. I was ********. Then ……
    ******** =>超気になる

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