Even the Frogs Learning Since Embryo

The “Now or Never” Eggs of Frogs

Have you ever realize that this cute embryo is the tadpoles of frog? Yes, it is. Please don’t imagine the adult frog, because I am scared too. The frog is completely disgusting and scary anyway. The only one thing that make me salute to this animal is: their eggs, or tadpoles. The researchers have found that the frogs tadpoles have the same action facing Salamander (their natural enemy), before the tadpoles hatched and after they are born as a real frog. They learn from inside their tadpoles membrane, observing the Salamander, and be sure when will the most dangerous Salamander come, then after they are hatched, they are ready for survive from Salamander!

Amazingly, there is no limit for learning, even they are still young, even they are still embryo. Because at what phase you are exist now, trust me, this is the right time for learning. There is no one know what will happen, an hour later, a week later, one month later, one year later, 10 years later. There is no one know when will the Salamander catch you! But all the things you have is now.

Just learn it right now, or you will lost your chance to win!

*message from the cute frogs embryo


2 responses to “Even the Frogs Learning Since Embryo

  1. oh my God..did u know fah…last night in my dream..i ate the extract from tadpoles..till my immune system reacts..and getting anaphylactic shock..haha..maybe im so scared with my “frog” final project till “they” come to my dream

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