Some Questions About My Headscarf

Since I going along with YSEP buddies, there were a lot funny and curious questions about my headscarf. You know, headscarf or hijab is something that I put on my head every day I go out home. Actually I used to call it “jilbab”, but I think it was just the same, when it called hijab, veil, or headscarf. Hijab is lovely and fabulous headscarf I and all muslims proud of.

Is it for religion?

Yes, I am muslim, and my God set me to wear it

Are you wear it by your self ? How ?

Yes of course, it was simple, but I can’t open it in public then show you how it is. Maybe this video can explain it.

Can I touch it?

Oh.. of course you can, “oh.. I think it was forbidden to me to touch it”. No it is fine, it is just a touchable cloth.

If a man see your hair, is it would be “Oh, I see your hair, you should married to me

Noo!,, Although only husband and family can see my hair, it doesn’t mean that man see my hair should marry me.

Do you have winter style or summer style of this scarf?

Unfortunately I have no winter and summer in Indonesia so I don’t need it. But maybe in other country they have. Even we have muslim woman wear for sport and swim. This scarf keep let us free to do any activities.

another photo requested by Laras


6 responses to “Some Questions About My Headscarf

  1. Wow…hijab: it’s said to be a symbol of women independence above all rules made by human being.
    Ganbatte kudasai.

    (* Dah lama ga mampir2 blog orang… blognya fafa dah berubah euy…. :-)

  2. huhu, jadi inget pas jaman-jaman APPS taon 2008 kemaren…saking jarangnya muslim di daerah Khonkaen, si mbak-mbak faslok yang ngedampingi kelompok aku sampe terkagum-kagum liat kerudung unguku…jiaaaaah, dia ampe antusias nanya: “what’s this?”
    huhu, bingung kali dia nya, pake kerudung warna-warni gtu tiap harinya..

  3. Ka Fafa… Saya keterima YSEP…!! hehehe. Kak, Professor kaka namanya siapa si? Bingung nih nulis research field and supervisornya… Soalnya pas liat di situs YSEP pake bhs jepang research fieldnya jadi ga ngerti.. hehehehe… Oia kak, TOEFLnya pake yang practice aja boleh gak? Terus transkrip & surat keterangan stat…us mahasiswanya harus pake bahasa inggris? maap banyak nanya… hehehhe

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