Yokohama Trip :)

Jealously staring at my friend’s blog,Risi, who filled her blog enormously with fun trips in Japan, lead me to this post. I open photos files in my sweet Panasonic Lumix DMC FX-150, found out a lots picture that I didn’t touch again after that trip, except upload it on my fesbuk. Now, about Yokohama trip!

This is "Gudang Garam",hehe

This is my second trip to Yokohama (but I’m never bored), and there were Chinese New Year festivals. I love Yokohama especially Minatomirai rather than other city in Japan (that I’ve been visited), it was quiet and sooo Europe! And also, romantic! My lab-mate Minato-san told me that Minatomirai is deetosupooto (read: date spot). By the way, her name is Minato didn’t mean that she was born in Minatomirai or she had a huge family in Minatomirai, but Japanese always like that, their name sometimes just the same with the place name. “Miyazaki” is one of professor name in Tokyo Tech, but also name for a place in Japan, and also name one of Japanese restaurant in Bandung. Weird? Maybe no for them.

Sabishi desune.. haha!

Arrived at Minatomirai.. Gilee..! there were a lots couple there!, lately I realized that day was valentine day (Japanese spell : Barentainu Dee ). Wanna get married soon, ups!. There, at misanbashi spot, I saw Yokohama landmark clearly, this is the image that you will found easily when you click “Yokohama” on google image. Really quiet, relaxing nice view along my sight, make it the best place for dating! Haha, Maybe if I lived near here, my mom and dad must come here often, since they usually secretly leave me and my brother alone at home for their dating, huh. But one of my engineer-brained friend told me that “this is the best place for solar cell project!” since the misanbashi facing sunlight directly, it can converted efficiently to electricity. Whatever they said, apparently I love this place!

Minatomirai Yokohama

The next one is China town! Wow! Barongsai desu! I don’t know how Japanese called “barongsai”, that giant dragon puppets was awesome! Even there were a little sized barongsai that we can wear free, haha, and my roommate loves it so much. This town was full by a lots Chinese stuffs, lampion (Chinese traditional red-round-lamp), barongsai, and bakpao.

China New Year in China Town

My Chinese-indo friend looks enjoyed it, not like me, pure Javanese girl, hehe, that never see the Chinese new year in her hometown (Ngawi : even people there didn’t realize that Chinese has new year), and just knew that imlek in Bandung is just a kind of red lampion decorated mall overing great discount! Such as Ciwalk or BIP. Haha. But that time was really really “China” time for me. One thing that make me dizzy-and-almost-vomiting is that “menyan”-like smell inside the shrine, ugh! I can’t help with that smell, so I just capturing cute dragon down stair rather than wondering the bad-smell shrine. Hehe.

11 responses to “Yokohama Trip :)

  1. my beloved roomate loves to document her trips, so do i. tapi klo nulis postingan blog pasti butuh waktu lebih lama buat gw, n ga semenarik risi. hehe… soalnya, yg penting ada bukti tulisan for a keepsake :)

  2. “…Maybe if I lived near here, my mom and dad must come here often, since they usually secretly leave me and my brother alone at home for their dating…”

    Awwww… so romantic. :D…

  3. My most favorite place in Japan, the Minato Mirai.
    You might want to read my personal view about Minato Mirai through my Blog ^^

  4. “Wanna get married soon, ups!. “, oktober this year isn’t it? how lucky him will get married with u ..!hohoho.dun 4 get to invite me fa,,!nice blog i like blogwalking here,

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