Just Today’s Seminar

Actually I wouldn’t attend this seminar if my third tutor, Chefy didn’t tell me that the presentation will be in English. Since my professor allowed me to not attend every Japanese (language) seminar, I just freely skip the seminar schedule then go home and sleep (ups!). But not today, this seminar is worth enough to attend. Although I don’t know why, my best tutor I ever had, Harry-san, just fell asleep even he was in the first line desk.

The first presenter was Bangladeshian PhD student (but he can answer the question and communicate with sensei in Japanese! Great! not like me of course) present about the journal discussing about drug delivery system in ovarian cancer. The group research using the very specific receptor to targeted. The drug was Paclitaxel (famous cancer drug) designed by loaded it into conjugated nanoparticle. This research successfully found out the drug highly selected the ovarian cancer then kill the cancer cell by the efficacy of lesser dosage of cancer drug. The modified nanoparticle act as a carrier to load more drugs into highly specified targeted receptors, so that reducing dosage significantly was not impossible. Less dosage drugs decreasing side effect for patients. Then by drug delivery system using modified nanoparticle approach promising improvement on efficiency, efficacy, and reduction of side effects drugs at the same time.

After that, Mitamura-san presentation turn come up (then Harry-san woke up this time). Of course he present completely in Japanese, although the handout written in English and Japanese. I can only understand a little from the handout, about differentiation and characterization of metabolically functioning hepatocytes that derived from human embryonic stem cells. That’s it. I’m sleepy anyway, since I can’t understand what he said and all about that kanji-written text on the slides. All I got from him was just the memory at the first time we met, when my third tutor introduced him as The Prince of This Lab. He kindly advised to me about 3 things should I consider with: 1.You must study hard, 2. You must be happy, and 3. You should communicate with lab members. OK.

For All my senpai, thank you for the most uncountable help, Harry-san, Chef-san, Tamai-san, Mitamura-san, I’ll do my best!


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