Cheering Cherry Blossoms!

Maybe the unbelievable fact that Japan is the high-tech country, yet the grim ripper country due to the suicide rate in Japan is the highest among others. You can imagine how scary here is, in every year there are (about more than) 30.000 Japanese suicide due to dreadful depression. It was like one Japanese suicide every 15 minutes, everyday!

But don’t worry, that’s not in spring, the rate calmly decreasing every spring, that’s (what I believe) supposed to be the angel flowers they called S-A-K-U-R-A cheering them up, relieving the pain, and relaxing the nerves. Then, when that buds growing showing the pinky petals, coloring Japan atmosphere, make it the most awesome land on earth!

Extremely sure, the cherry blossoms really make you happy all day!

Here are some pictures of the cheering cherry blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo I captured this morning, enjoy it, feel the way they cheers you up!

Hey Wake up!, Spring is Coming!

be strong to the wind

Stand up with your own strength

make a bold move!

Never surrender if you may hurted

Follow your heart

Reach your dream on the sky!

Get ready for new days!

There will be more stronger wind against you

be optimistic!

get off from the dark nightmare!

Shine on!

Be confident!

You are not alone, together we are stronger

Now, give your best smile to the world

5 responses to “Cheering Cherry Blossoms!

  1. Asslamu’alaikum wr.wb
    subhanallah indahnya bunga2 it?kaifa haluk mb….?masih ingat heni ndak mb ade kelas SMA dl….:)
    SMANGAATTT truzzz,scces buat smuanya…:)

  2. Waalaikumsalam wr wb
    makasi semuanya, hehe
    laras # sangkyu
    de heni# iya dong masi inget..
    nanzy# hehe, monggo2.. silakan ke jepang,
    faraziya# kagak, hehe, yang ngomong yang moto2.. ;p

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