Spongebob and Patrick Last Week

Patrick                : I’m Mad!

Spongebob       : What’s the matter, Patrick?

Patrick                 : I can’t see my forehead!

That’s sound silly, right? But actually the similar things (maybe) happened to me a couple weeks ago. I was about conducting the experiment in lab, and in the very unintentionally I did something stupidly awful that due to experiment ethics I can’t explain here how bad it was. It was too expensive reagent, and too cute creature to be sacrificed. I was too pissed off for the next two days. Although my nice-funny-wise-smart tutor told me “Don’t much worry, it’s OK”, but I see anyway in his desperately eyes told me “How could you do this?! That was so terrible!”. Aaaarghhh…! Even my Professor saw my anxious face that day, and worrying me “Are you OK? You look so strange today. Tygbi#&%$%&O)=|iegqwxy@o%&’. Yes, I’m Mad. What I needed that time was the earth swallowed me as soon as possible ‘till the world forgot about the things.  I am mad!

But lately I learned, every failed awful thing always made a trace in your mind. That’s why you will learn that you wouldn’t do it anymore. If you can’t see your forehead, just find the mirror that can picture you out completely, then you’ll find yours. Being mad is not the solution, but sometimes being mad can deeply make that trace, ‘till you promise that you’ll never do that awful thing again.

Then when you need to mirror yourself to see your forehead, just  try to smile, you will see that you can still optimistically move forward. You can see that you are you, you will find yours in you. As long as you  believe the light still exist at the end way, you can’t give up, no matter how many times you would stumble on and fail. Trust me, you can’t give up.

Time to smile now.. Cheeese…!

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