Twenty One

Actually, this is my time to finish  new article for newspaper, (Thanks God, I’m getting paid! ^^ ) But I don’t even know how could I do write this post instead, I’m just kind of in the blog mood this time.

You know, every I act silly unpredictable things in Lab such as pointing Universal Studio is the most awesome part in Osaka instead of the old temple or palace and the Japanese traditional things (and this opinion perfectly same with my prof’s son’s, though), or using fork and chopstick in lunch (together with lab’s people) is the best way to eat saba misoni, , My dearest Prof would say “How old are you?..21..” He asked and answered and laughed by himself. Then the others would say jokily “Naruhodo ne..” (which is mean : “Oh, I see”) trying to imitate my style. I mean, if there are any Javanese in my lab they should say it correctly like when I say “NaRruHoDHO Ne..” in my, you know,  JaVanese style– not Japanese.

Yes, I am Twenty One years old indeed (which is the youngest one in Lab’s). And I love this year where I will turn out into something I don’t even know how to say (and I don’t want to googling for the right sentence, I think).

Hehe, but I love my Lab’s! Anyway.

I am sure I’ll definitely miss you all guys. Seeing Hary’s tiredly sleeping style, Chefy’s cool funny style, the “wakaranai” of Shangy, the “anyong haseyoo” of Ryu, Judy’s Nihongo lesson for me, Naoy’s milk tea sticker, T-serious style, “A, naruhodone” style of M-san, the awkwardly style of-you know who the funkiest one. And the never funny joke of people next my experiment bench (I can’t fake their name because it’s still sound so Japanese even if I modify it as above). You know, I am sad actually, realizing only 2 months remains to be here. But, I can’t wish to stay any longer. Of course!! because I need to finish my research!! Oh, what? I mentioned it, R-E-S-E-A-R-C-H. Oh, I’m stuck!. God, help me.


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