Don’t Judge the Snail by Its Speed

Okay, let’s see what would pop up in your mind when you saw the snail? It must be the “Lemot-est” (slowest) creature living on earth. But just now I read how scientist—and pharmacist too I think, could magnify its speed by methamphetamine, a kind of central nervous system stimulant drug. But, don’t imagine about the marathon competition of running snails, it’s about the memory improving speed of snail’s “brain”. Yes they did, the snails might be the slowest creature if you make them to run, but they could be faster to memorize something. The scientists make them learn not to extend their breathing tube in low oxygen level of methamphetamine-laced water, and the snails did faster and smarter to memorize it.

What happened yesterday was totally remind me about these things: if you can’t judge the book by its cover, so you must not judge the snail by its speed. I didn’t meet any snail yesterday though, yet Nikko is the awesome place with  so beautiful green and hilly scenery—I think I would glad to visit it someday in autumn season, truly it was awesome! Well, except the temples. I mean, although it was an old-ancient-famous temple, 8 months stayed in Japan could make you bored with the temples and traditionally Japanese things that previously seems so cool when you are not here. But anyway, I didn’t said that the combination of temples and Japanese hills scenery were too bad.

The thing that actually made me write about that snails and book’s cover judgment is about what I DID think about my two new friends: Judge them by hers looks. It’s a nice story—at least make us laugh and remind how each of us met at the very first time. The first one is a cute girl, wearing totally Japanese outfit, and so Japanese straight colored hair, blush on, eye lash and, of course face, that when I saw her I thought she WAS real Japanese, since she did speak in Japanese really fluently with everyone. But the first sentence spoken out from her mouth when I asked her—in English, WAS : “Orang Indonesia kan?” , WHAAATTT???!! I just can’t stand not to awkwardly surprise. Busseet ternyata dia orang Indonesia doong!!. I just stupidly laughing myself then, jokey acted and had my head full of stupid shy feeling when we were starting our very first conversation before found out that we are roommate in this trip.

A few hours later, I met another girl in our Japanese style hotel room, I can’t be fooled this time, her face just totally Japanese indeed. Then she was. I happily got correct fact. She is my another roommate, but when I started to speak Japanese, you know with my EXTREMELY limited Japanese speaking ability, when I made pause in my stammered Japanese speaking, indeed she knew my Jap-language was too bad, she did tell me : “Pake bahasa Indonesia saja tidak apa-apa”. God, I was DEADLY SURPRISED in second time that day!!! She can speak bahasa Indonesia dooong!!!. I bet she absolutely learned Indonesian language so well, her pronunciation was perfect!. I didn’t know what on earth happened in that day though, I mean, it was so weird found yourself met Indonesian girl who looks so Japanese and Japanese girl who looks so Indonesian, in one day, one night, and one room.

Then the trip that I thought so hard to enjoy due to all Japanese explanation, conversation, guide book, games, and so on, become so awesome having them as my new friend. Lucky me, when the guide explain about the trip, my first roommate translate it well to me—she seat next to me in bus, since she has been (you know, I think I’m not too missed to guess why she did so Japanese way) living in Japan, in Kyoto for 4 years, majoring anime (God, she work with all cute Japanese anime, NOT with the mouse cells and poisonous chemicals like me T_T”) in one of private Japanese university which is all her friends were Japanese and she almost never met Indonesian people again—except when she went home to Jakarta. She was really nice girl, hard worker indeed. She just get the scholarship only in her last 2 years of study term, she did a lot part time job previously, to earn money for school. She learns anime! You know, that’s sound so fun!—I was totally jealous at her for this. Anyway, having her as a friend and as an every-I-need translator in this trip made me so grateful to meet her.

The second roommate, lately, she tell us that she was in Yogyakarta for 1 year exchange program, majoring “Hubungan Internasional”-she said, learning Bahasa Indonesia, and Jawa language a little, what she can say in Jawa language was “aku ora iso boso jowo”, then we were just laughing on the floor!. She did traveling all over the world I think. Let see, she was born in Japan, got her high school in France (for 6 years, so she did traveling around Europe ), getting her undergraduate in Univ. of Tokyo and experiencing exchange program in UGM Jogja, then now she plan to quit her scholarship for a while to getting a job in UK. What a nice life of smart girl. Then, you know, she just looks so happy have been in Jogja I think, the most awesome one that made me happier in this trip was she REALLY DID speak in Bahasa Indonesia so well to me and another Indonesian friend, without any false. She told me she wanted to visit Bandung someday, OK I’ll gladly wait for you ^_^”


5 responses to “Don’t Judge the Snail by Its Speed

  1. always first to comment :D

    astoundingly interesting way to write, too bad I can easily found grammar mistakes :|

    *not that I can write as good as you*

    hahaha, bused, pengalaman yang aneh.. ;D

    • Hahahha.. udah aku edit dikit2 sa, cek lagi dong grammarnya, :p pasti masi banyak
      so don’t judge my writing by its grammar, ancur pasti.. hahahahag

  2. Hahahhahaha… iye emang.

    ituh, acara free overnight trip dari SATO Scholarship,, jalan2 seharian, kenyang, dan gratisss… ;p

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