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Well, I truly can’t brace myself by saying today’s experiment was just unluckiest part of my life, or some achievements that are simply delayed. But that totally failed, if you ask me. I used to calm my feeling facing this result but I can’t stand anymore then I get away from that very lab to up stair praying space. I don’t know why I cannot run from this disappointment feeling like before, I used to failed, but.. hhrrrgggff.. I just don’t know! Something in me I could really blame now maybe that pre-you-know-what cycle. Then what I found in that praying space was brother Muslim khusyu’ly read the mushaf. It means, I absolutely cannot start crying there. Then I decide to back home with this desperate face along the way.

Just like when I was failed for so many many times and I thought that my live was over, like today, I used to fell silent. But suddenly, in the way off from lab building, I saw the professor-like man (you know, looks so genius, so well educated and wearing glasses) unable to walk properly since his leg injures so bad, he looks so painful from his grimacing face. I felt so sorry but I can’t do anything . awkwardly breathless.

Lately, I was arrived at Fujigaoka Station and saw the elementary school boy so dreadfully vomiting such have eaten the most poisonous food in Japan, a woman and station staff tried to relieve him. I can’t help myself not to breathless again.

Arrived at my dorm room, just now, I realized something in me. Felt so embarrassed when the day that I thought the worst day in my life, but some people got it much worse. My knees felt so lamely dying. Wasn’t I the luckiest one? Compare with the sudden sick boy, and the professor who broke his leg awfully although ,say, he may the best professor on earth. Me? I walked so fleet of foot, and ate the tasty creamy Taiyaki as it the best Taiyaki ever just now. Didn’t I have a lot? God, My heart melted..


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