Hosh hosh hosh… rushed to home, deadly sweaty exhausted.

“Huwaaa, aku nyasar lagi Ras!”

“Waalaikumsalam, haha, emang kapan kamu ngga nyasar fa?”

Hehe, bitterly smiling. Indeed, for me it was (really) hard to go somewhere far without getting lost. And that day, I just got home (and of course, got lost and even felt asleep in train so I missed the home station) from my hostfam’s house. And the day before yesterday, I was lost on the way home from baito (part time job). So that’s why, my roommate was not so surprise. It seems like almost every day I am lost.

But today I’m really happy tough. You know what? I am sure this is the VERY first time of my life time IN Japan. One Japanese-grown up-man asked me to guide the way! Well, maybe it was not unusual thing for me in Indonesia, when some foreigners ask me which direction to go. But in this case, among the Japanese people near Suzukakedai Station, I AM, an Indonesian head-scarfed girl, which is no one doubt that I AM THE FOREIGNER—who  always got lost and always be the one who ask the way to policeman. And the man, which is TOTALLY JAPANESE, ask me about the way, in JAPANESE LANGUAGE!.

WHATT?? At once, I thought he spoke to other Japanese people, but HEY, HE ASKED ME!

He just suddenly                                         : すみません、いいですか

Me, nervously,  have nothing word but     : はい

He again, showing a little scratched map note : ときょうこぎょうだいがく(which is my school) はどこ。。。(#%&Xx—some word I don’t know)。。。。。。ですか?このこmびにから。。Me, guessing, he asked me the direction to school, so I let him go together with me : あ、じゃいしょうにいきまそう。。

He looks a little bit afraid if he bothered me: あ、じかんがいいですか。’&%%&’#XX#$$%&—some words I don’t know again,

Me, hardly trying to make a perfect sentence in a very Japanese way : あ、じゃ、ますぐいって、ひだりにまがって、とこだいはあそこです。

He : あ、ちかくですね。。#$%&&#$%&!—word I don’t know again.

But I know, then he said thank you for my help, like “arigatou gozaimasu” including the Japanese-bowing action.

あ、いえいえ、どういたしまして。。(oh, no no.. you are welcome )

After that, I feel soooo muuucchhh relieve… I don’t know why. I feel so happy after helping that man find the way, in this very humid hot day (especially relieve that he could understand my weird Japanese speaking). Then, I realized why I feel so fine and no worry at all going some places and got lost, because I always find a Japanese, whether he/she policeman or not, kindly show me the right way. Although they didn’t know, they will ask anyone else nearby, or lend their cell phone to call, or accompanying me until I meet a policeman then got a right way. I know how they feel now, the relief and happy feeling after helping people.

Apparently, I don’t know what to say more but thank God, I feel so grateful for all Japanese who always help me find the way,  in a VERY VERY GANBATTE-way.  Nice Japanese people.


2 responses to “Lost..

  1. I don’t know what to say more but thank God, I feel so grateful for all Japanese who always help me find the way, in a VERY VERY GANBATTE-way. Nice Japanese people.


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