Jack and The Princess

Lately I read a novel about the sleeping beauty that awaken by a normal-modern man, not a prince. Haha. That was really funny, that she thought the man would marry her after that called ‘true love kiss’, but all he want to do is get off from that awaken ancient castle, want to go home, afraid of the weird people of old century. He thought it was really impossible for him for marriage since he is very young—and apparently no prince, and the kiss he done was just a fun kiss that all American teenage do it. But still, the princess insists to go along with him, runaway from the dungeon—a jail underground castle where the man arrested by the King.

The princess is Talia—sixteen years old but has been sleeping for three hundred years, and the commoner American man is Jack—seventeen years old American boy that have just escaped from a summer Europe tour group to find a extraordinary vacation but indeed he stuck in the castle with a very beautiful princess and a very old-fashioned king who really shock about the Ipod he brought. Then they finally out from the long hedges and find Belgium life. The next story is about the princess that really screwed about the new human technology that has never been in her century, like hand phone and bus, then she really looks stupid, but everyone stare at her so much since she is very beautiful. Then, Jack help the princess deal with the new world, and that’s not because Jack like her but just fell so pity of her. It is not finished yet, he bring along her too to back home in America, and new story begin. I will finish the novel then, hehe. This is not so romantic story like the real sleeping beauty story that you know, like Cinderella or Snow White, but so alive and funny!, and it has been filmed but I did not watch. Oh, forgot, the novel title is “A Kiss in Time” by Alex Finn.


5 responses to “Jack and The Princess

    • hoooo.. judulnya juga a kiss in time, hehe..
      kayaknya film jadul, mungkin aku belum cukup umur pas film itu ditayangin, haha

  1. mba fakh, gimana tho caranya modifikasi blognya jadi bagus kayak punya mba dan teman-teman mba???????????????? ajarin dong mba… aku gak mudeng blasss…. tak liatin tak klik-klik tapi tetep aja yang ku mau nggak muncul. what can i do?>>?????

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