Aha! moment

Okay, to be honest. Actually I just trying to kill my time in front of my cute laptop.  Trying to stuck my brain in my unfinished assignments. But, what I’ve done just making that almost three blog post within three days past. So wow for blogging resolution, but not about my assignments. Oh no, Not to mention this post.

But this is worth, anyway.

About AHA moment. A moment that  you find a bright shining sun in your brain. Hehe. Something that make you really need to think about it deeper and deeper, so many why and why, what and what, how and how,  again and again, in a very interesting and tirelessly way. The unstoppable brilliant moment. That is AHA moment for me. And this time I get it! About my assignments progress, of course. No procrastination today. I swear.


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