This is how the soccer match can be both : a date and disaster

The story began when my prince and I so obsessed by this ticket : a soccer match! well, I am not really in to the soccer but seeing his excitement make me accept the ticket as a date, indeed I really glad for that because that would be the first time of my life for watching a soccer match live from the stadium!

Arema is a Malang’s club which he love so much, and Persib is Bandung’s club which a club in a city we lived in, so that’s why although we love Arema (Well, I mean he love it and I just follow him), it is hard to wear Arema things in this crowded Persib supporters. Dangerous, indeed. I found no one wearing Arema’s here, except a girl whose boyfriend wear Persib’s, so she is safe that way.

Well, this is the VIP class though, but not so VIP thing like you may think. This bleachers were just offered a centered view to the court, and look! in this a little bit safe bleachers, the kids could play what they wanted.

Brother! you’re so not cool with that hat! haha!

Come on Dad! I’m ready!

His dad intended to make his son happy here, bought him a complete attribute of Persib’s, and take a picture of him. That boy seems so excited during the match, he shouted and screamed a lot! *well, this is the first lesson of today’s date : a little boy is so cute and vigorous, especially when they excited.

But, here is another Dad, selling drinks and snacks. I am sure that harsh work was for his kids too.

Teh Kotaaak!!


*And that was the second lesson of today’s date : being empathic to the unlucky people can be a heart melting moment. Then I can’t bear not to buy that fried tofu. Not because I’m hungry, really.

Hey! and the rain was falling so sudden! and this is how it looks in this VIP bleachers : no roof, so we wear a clear-trash-bag-like plastic bag which teared at one side so we can wear it not so comfortably. This is what we still called VIP. But for a couple like us, seeing each other in this weird plastic wears is one of romantic part of this date. *So the third lesson of today’s date is : a weird plastic bag can be so cute in this very moment.

Oh, How dare you steal my place in this rain!

The match started! it was totally different watching soccer match in TV compared to live watching like this. No commentators, but the supporters are so loud and so unified, almost all them are Persib’s or called Viking. Sometimes they, and involved us, made a so cool bodywave. But no replay of important moment.

If usually TV replay the goal moment, then not here. Arema made goal! Silent though, all of them was pissed off. No replay broadcast, but mad instead.

Then the disaster comes, something I’d never seen before. Don’t ask me what’s the reason because I am the one who ask but found no reasonable answer. In Arema’s side, that was the mad of Persib’s supporters due to Arema’s goal. In Persib’s side, Arema was unfair and the referee was stupid. They mad. People around me shouted so scary, insulted Arema and the referee by worst word ever.

It getting worse. Mad supporters crushed the hedges, loaded into court. A soccer match was replaced by a match between police and mad supporters. They burned many things, threw many fireworks to the court, shouted and insulted so loud. Destroy everything.

I was scared. He was scared, but in a cool way. We were scared anyway. And I think it would really dangerous if they found out that we are Arema’s. We runaway across all crazy yelling man, pretending not knowing anything. Rushed to home, left the crowd, he told me to keep silent and aware along way home. We relieved, took a deep breath and safe. And that was how he save me. *a fourth lesson of today’s date : being rescued by him was awesome!. What a very date in a disaster.

2 responses to “This is how the soccer match can be both : a date and disaster

  1. Nice, different writing style compared to your “ancient” post haha…

    It looks like you’r maturing now.
    Best wishes to both of you:)

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