Juremi transports dozens of bamboo-woven baskets on board his bicycle through Magelang-Purworejo highway in Magelang, Central Java. Once a week, the 70-year-old delivers 50 baskets–each priced at Rp. 3000 [35 US cents]- for use as cracker packages to factory 7 kilometers from his home in Kalinegoro village. (Antara/Anis Efizudin)

A man helps a student cross a flooded area of Pameungpeuk in Garut, West Java on Tuesday. Local elementary school students on the way to the national exams had to cross the river after a nearby bridge collapsed following powerful floods. (Antara/Feri Purnama)

A number of students from state elementary school SDN Cicaringin 3 in Cicaringin village, Gunung Kencana district, Lebak regency in Banten cross the Ciliman River by walking across steel cables on Monday to take part in the national examinations. The students worried that they would be unable to sit for the exams if it was raining because they were intimidated by the surging river water levels. (The Jakarta Post, Antara/Asep F)


3 responses to “Trenyuh

  1. Nice article Ma’am.

    The sympathy, we need that first. Then, what kind of action to do ? Charity won’t impact so much, we need to build an empowerment, and we become the part of the movement itself.

    I can make a company, and creating a job field for them. To open the market access, teach them about operational excellence, finance, and management, that’s what I call as “empowerment”, I must become the integral part of the change itself.

    You know, such kind of picture able to stimulate my crying. Sympathy and charity won’t enough, but sometimes, you’ve to understand your own limitation of capacity, that’s why we need to build a citizen solidarity, we’ve to cooperate each other, hand on hand.

    You’ll become a scientist, or lecturer, your friends will become industrialist, professional, government official, or informal sector practitioner, we need to talk, and make a solid collaborative movement, to create a constructive change. It’s slowly but sure.

  2. Let we start not to use “premium” at Indonesia. Let subsidy just for poor people. I ever read that 77% oil subsidy just for people who not poor at all. Just do the best we can.

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