Syujun 18 Weeks : Thermaljelly, delicious therapy for diarrhea

Alhamdulillah Syujun has grown and grown for 18 weeks by now, although the previous days we sick together. Struggling with the unknown reason acute diarrhea.  I guessed it could be infection or something from foods, since I had a fever too. For this first diarrhea with Syujun I had a new therapy, this is not the medicine of any pharmacist (I am?!) or any best pharmacist on earth, even a doctor or jamu maker, but from my engineer uncle.

He is a smart mechanical engineer who can create any machine everybody ask, especially burning related machine. Playing with high temperature is his every day’s job. The way he understand the body is sometimes just as simple as understanding his machine. So this is how it is like : Thermaljelly! and it worked very well for me and Syujun.

The mechanism is not a pharmacological strict way, neither is complicated mechanical calculation, but lets think it as a simple elementary school student, to know how it works in a thermodynamical way:

1. Pick any jelly powder you like, I prefer chocolate flavor, and cook it based on its cooking direction. Pour into a bowl.

2. Let it be a little bit warm for a while. Let a little heat transferred to the air to make it edible.

3. Drink it while it warm! Timing is important. I only could drink a half of that big bowl, though. But due to our 37 degree Celsius body assumed to be colder than its warm gel, the heat will transferred automatically causing the gel formed, slow but sure.

4. Let it flow in your upper throat, clot inside your gastrointestinal tract, and its polymer fiber will become solid when arrive in your lower tract. End. It will stop your diarrhea instantly after a couple hours.

Does anyone have a more delicious and powerful diarrhea medication than this?


6 responses to “Syujun 18 Weeks : Thermaljelly, delicious therapy for diarrhea

    • Pernah 1 tahun di Jepang untuk kuliah sebagai mahasiswa Young Scientist Exchange Program, semacam pertukaran pelajar, ke Tokyo Institute of Technology. Kalo kuliah s1 nya saya di ITB

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