Yokohama Trip :)

Jealously staring at my friend’s blog,Risi, who filled her blog enormously with fun trips in Japan, lead me to this post. I open photos files in my sweet Panasonic Lumix DMC FX-150, found out a lots picture that I didn’t touch again after that trip, except upload it on my fesbuk. Now, about Yokohama trip!

This is "Gudang Garam",hehe

This is my second trip to Yokohama (but I’m never bored), and there were Chinese New Year festivals. I love Yokohama especially Minatomirai rather than other city in Japan (that I’ve been visited), it was quiet and sooo Europe! And also, romantic! My lab-mate Minato-san told me that Minatomirai is deetosupooto (read: date spot). By the way, her name is Minato didn’t mean that she was born in Minatomirai or she had a huge family in Minatomirai, but Japanese always like that, their name sometimes just the same with the place name. “Miyazaki” is one of professor name in Tokyo Tech, but also name for a place in Japan, and also name one of Japanese restaurant in Bandung. Weird? Maybe Continue reading