This is how the soccer match can be both : a date and disaster

The story began when my prince and I so obsessed by this ticket : a soccer match! well, I am not really in to the soccer but seeing his excitement make me accept the ticket as a date, indeed I really glad for that because that would be the first time of my life for watching a soccer match live from the stadium!

Arema is Continue reading

Honjo Safety Learning Center

This is the first YSEP Factory Study Tour. We went to Honjo Safety Learning Center. The aim of this tour is to let us know about how to safe our live if there is a disaster for example thypoon, earthquake, smoke in the building, and fire. This knowledge is very needed since we never know when and where the disaster will attack. So if we prepare it well, our life will be safe.

First of all, we wellcomed by the instructors and informed that we will have a simulations. They give us a translator earphone and 3D glass and then we watching the 3D move about strong earthquake in Tokyo.The movie tell us about how strong the earthquake so that just in a few minutes a big city like Tokyo become broken. There are so many victims and so many buildings ruined because of it. So many activities collapsed because of suddenly earthquake.

Then we go to the main activity of this training, that is : Disaster Simulation! This training is not only educating but also Continue reading