Ganti Warna (part 2)

Well then, I changed my themes again and again. Maybe this now theme make my blog fresher than it could be. OK, as in my recorded post, the first theme changing moment is this one  Ganti Warna part 1 then I back to the first blix theme which is the oldest theme ever, you can say she is the grandmother theme of this blog, since WordPress add some great changable background on some themes, including my grandmother theme, I modify it by adding new background like on New Background . But several days ago, I changed my mood, and found a choki-choki themes like my favorite chocolate so the old granny born to be like this, a very stress-relief view:

It has enjoyable look, just like creamy chocolate on your tongue, but only remained on the past week until I need some more fresh and cute one, so I drop my last choice here, the next, using the same background.

I love the flowery dreamy background, and the blue color which remind me to the sky. Then I let my dream flying upper and upper on the sky, like the kite dancing in the air. And also that pretty rainbow, rising after light rain giving the sense of rising hope. That is why it can revive my days, and keep believing my way.

Cheering Cherry Blossoms!

Maybe the unbelievable fact that Japan is the high-tech country, yet the grim ripper country due to the suicide rate in Japan is the highest among others. You can imagine how scary here is, in every year there are (about more than) 30.000 Japanese suicide due to dreadful depression. It was like one Japanese suicide every 15 minutes, everyday!

But don’t worry, that’s not in spring, the rate calmly decreasing every spring, that’s (what I believe) supposed to be the angel flowers they called S-A-K-U-R-A cheering them up, relieving the pain, and relaxing the nerves. Then, when that buds growing showing the pinky petals, coloring Japan atmosphere, make it the most awesome land on earth!

Extremely sure, the cherry blossoms really make you happy all day!

Here are some pictures of the cheering cherry blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen Tokyo I captured this morning, enjoy it, feel the way they cheers you up!

Hey Wake up!, Spring is Coming!

be strong to the wind

Stand up with your own strength

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My Sweet Flower (but it’s a Cabbage)

I love flowers.. everywhere and every time Maybe it’s because my mom like it either. Actually in my childhood I didn’t like it, I always destroy my moms garden, cut down her flowers and make them become a salad-like stuff with my friends, because my mom’s flowers have so many different colors and these just make me interested to make a cooking playing with my friends. Then my mom just angry with me..But now, I love flowers anyway. And it is always remind me to my nice mom that is far away from me now. I have been staying in Japan since 2 month ago and we just separated about more than 6000 Km. I missing her so much. Continue reading