Don’t Judge the Snail by Its Speed

Okay, let’s see what would pop up in your mind when you saw the snail? It must be the “Lemot-est” (slowest) creature living on earth. But just now I read how scientist—and pharmacist too I think, could magnify its speed by methamphetamine, a kind of central nervous system stimulant drug. But, don’t imagine about the marathon competition of running snails, it’s about the memory improving speed of snail’s “brain”. Yes they did, the snails might be the slowest creature if you make them to run, but they could be faster to memorize something. The scientists make them learn not to extend their breathing tube in low oxygen level of methamphetamine-laced water, and the snails did faster and smarter to memorize it.

What happened yesterday was totally remind me about these things: if you can’t judge the book by its cover, so you must not judge the snail by its speed. I didn’t meet any snail yesterday though, yet Nikko is the awesome place with  so beautiful green and hilly scenery—I think I would glad to visit it someday in autumn season, truly it was awesome! Well, except the temples. I mean, although it was an old-ancient-famous temple, 8 months stayed in Japan could make you bored with the temples and traditionally Japanese things that previously seems so cool when you are not here. But anyway, I didn’t said that the combination of temples and Japanese hills scenery were too bad.

The thing that actually made me write about that snails and book’s cover judgment is about what I DID think about my Continue reading